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Next Week: N is for Niceties


Happy Sunday everyone!!!  How beautiful is it outside today!?  The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and right now my apartment smells like rosemary and garlic.  Try that topped on potatoes.  Take a minute and think about the explosion in your mouth!!  They’re almost don’t cooking, and I can’t wait to eat it.

DowntonAbbey1On top of that, I have bread baking in my slow cooker, a Friends marathon is on TBS currently, and some buffalo chicken dip is due to be consumed in about an hour.  Oh, and Downton Abby is on tonight, holla!!!!  Is anyone else as obsessed with that show as I am??  I seriously cannot get enough of that wonderful show.  Here’s my question, though, does anyone else keep track of how many times you want to smack Mary Crawley in a single episode?

Enough about my wonderful day, though, let’s talk about my adventure next weekend.  Next week is one of those random adventures I’ve always wanted to try, but never had the guts/time/ability to do so.   Not next weekend, though, next weekend, I’m finally making it happen.

Here’s the thing about next week’s surprise: I can’t tell anyone!  Maybe next week should be title S is for Secret, because this adventure has to go off without anyone knowing what’s going on.  I hope you weren’t too excited to hear about it this week, because there’s no way I can tell you!  But I’m super excited about it, and I hope that’s enough of a reason for you to be excited too!

So I’m off to work for a few hours, logging that overtime early to help keep ahead of the storm that is approaching at Initech.  Then it’s food, Downton, and some steamed Boston bread.  Let’s see how this turns out!!

Have a wonderful week.  Try not to think too much about my adventure next week.  And check back next week to see exactly what happened.



Lord Help the Mister Who Comes Between Me and My Sister…


We all have that one Christmas movie that we could watch a thousand times and never get bored with.  Maybe you’re an Elf fan.  Or you love a Muppet Christmas Carol.  Or you know every word to the (in my opinion) excruciatingly long It’s a Wonderful Life.  Regardless of your tastes, though, we all have that one movie that we simply cannot get enough of.

WC_Still_0006.tifFor me, that movie is White Christmas. You hear people say all the time, “Oh yeah [Insert movie title] is my favorite movie, I know every line!” only to find out they really don’t.  Well don’t be mistaken, folks, I know every single line of this movie. I even know the hand motions, like when Bing covers Danny Kaye’s mouth in “Mandy”.  When singing the song, I always act it out too.  I’m that big of a fan.  This year I’ve watched the movie 5 times this month, and I’m sure I’ll squeeze in at  least one more watch before Christmas.  In fact…..yep, it’s now running on my Netflix.  Yay!!

I’ve watched this movie since I was a little kid, and secretly one of the reasons I’ve always loved it is because of the Haynes Sisters, and their magical act.  I always imagined my sister and I as the perfect sister act.  We had beauty, charm, and killer dance moves.  Who wouldn’t want to see us dance with bright blue feathered fans?  I would pay $6.60 or $8.80 to see that (there’s a White Christmas reference for you die hards)

Don't we look like we could be in a song and dance number?

Don’t we look like we could be in a song and dance number?

Growing up, my little sister Allison and I used to always pretend we were the Haynes sisters.  I was usually Betty, since my name is Elisabeth, and she was Judy, since she had brown eyes.  We thought we were smashing hits in our bedroom, dancing and crooning away to our stuffed animals.  Someday we knew we’d make it big, and you’d find us at an old Vermont Inn hotel talking about boys and the future, and the famous Wallace and Davis.

Some things were a little different.  We were brunettes, Betty and Judy were blonds.  We were growing up in the 1990s, and the Haynes sisters were popular in the 1950s.  We couldn’t really sing or dance.  They could (yes, I know Vera-Ellen didn’t sing, leave that be for another post).  But we had spunk.  We had grit.  For God’s sake, we shared a room for 15 years.  That should count for something.

So we’d have White Christmas sing-a-longs, dressing up in adult clothes and promising to share every little thing we are wearing.  We had a blast.  An honest to goodness blast.  We were going to make it big some day.  The Day sisters.  Elisabeth and Allison.  Live tonight, one night only. 🙂

I guess we’ve reached that age where we should have made it big by now.  Beauty is fleeting, and the Haynes sisters were classic-ly beautiful.  Maybe we should have focused a little more on our song and dance numbers as a child, because the older I become the more I realize it’s not in the cards for the Day sisters to become a famous act.

family1One thing that will never change, though, is that no matter how old we get, I will always have a little sister who will always need looking after.  Sure, we didn’t meet Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby yet, but when we do, we’ll still have each others backs.  And I know if I ever run off to the Unicorn Club over a soured love interest, she’ll be right behind me, trying to get me to come home.

And I guess when I think about it, that’s why I love this movie so much.  Besides the Christmas theme, and the singing and dancing, growing up I loved watching a movie about two sisters who were best friends.  I hoped that some day I would grow up and be best friends with my sister the way Judy and Betty were.  And if we happened to be ridiculously rich and beautiful too, well, I’m never going to turn that down.

We’re not rich, and we clean up well, but we prefer sweats over dresses most days.  But after all of our fighting, bickering, tattling, pinching, hair pulling, and crying, I’d say Allison and I have become pretty good friends after all these years.  We have our own dreams and goals, our own businesses and our own college debts, but I’ve got her back and she’s got mine.  And as the famous song reminds us, Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister!  Hear that, men!!

If you have a sister, no matter where she is or what she’s doing, let her know today how much you appreciate her.  Even if you’re not super close, be happy to be blessed with one of the best life-long friendships you could ever have.  If you don’t have an actual sister, call your best friend, the one who acts like that sister you never had, and let her know today how much you appreciate her.  And if you’re nearby and can swing it, watch White Christmas today.  I promise it will be worth it.  🙂

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to start dancing!  Where’s that blue dress??

Next Week: C is for Christmas?


Yikes, I forgot to post this past weekend!  Dear readers, what did you do without a blog post 😉  I hope you made it!

It’s been a busy few weeks for me.  I have been baking, and traveling, and working at Initech.  Christmas is just around the corner!  Presents are everywhere waiting to be wrapped.  My brother is moving in with me for a week starting tomorrow.  And I’m flat broke.  Holy crap, isn’t it just the most wonderful time of year?

So next weekend is Christmas, which means I’m going to be braving the middle of the state to return home for a few days.  What moron decided to make both southern corners of Pennsylvania interesting, and leave the rest to the redneck and Amish is beyond me, but let me tell you, driving home is one of the most boring drives I have ever experienced in my 26 years of life.  Tree…tree…tree…cow….tree…tree…barn…tree…tree…tree…tree…tractor.  For four hours.  It’s enough for me to want to fly home.

Since it’s Christmas weekend, though, I’m going to be taking a break from my.alphabet.year to enjoy the yuletide festivities my family always participates in.  It’s funny, when I talk to most people about holiday traditions in their family they usually say something like, “Oh, it’s so much fun, every Christmas Eve we head down to the live nativity scene at my grandma’s church, followed by midnight mass and then a big breakfast in the morning.”  So cute.  Sheetz_Altoona_PAMy family traditions?  Last year we went to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Christmas Eve.  Talk about a movie even Jesus would love!  And on Christmas, we have our yearly Sheetz run.  That’s right, after all the presents are opened, meals are eaten, games are played, movies are watched, arguments are won or lost, and laughter is complete, we pile (illegally I might add) 5 people into a 4 seatbelt car, and trek on down to Sheetz.  If you’re asking yourself “What is a Sheetz?” you are not from Pennsylvania.  You don’t understand.  Once there we order a buffet of food, soda, chips, and milkshakes, only to cart it all back home and eat all of it.  Laugh all you want, but it is the one tradition my family has every year.  Who needs a living nativity scene when you have $5 steak burritos and $2 mozzarella sticks?

So I’ll be on break next weekend, celebrating the holidays with my family.  I suggest you do the same.  If you don’t have a family, come be part of mine.  If you do have a family, give them a hug from me.  For real.

I’ll be back the following week with a new adventure, don’t you worry.  We’re about half way done here with this year, how crazy is that?!  As always, thanks for joining me on this crazy ride.

Have a blessed and safe holiday season!  You are the best, my readers.




It’s been a roller coaster of a few months for me.  Let’s be honest, these past few months my life has take a turn on its head.  I started and successfully ran/run a Quidditch League.  I decided to open a bakery.  I’ve sat for state health exams, decorating classes, and business law courses.  I’ve gain new friends, and lost old ones.  I’ve started not one, but two blogs, and have sold several hundreds of dollars of baked goods.  I’m evolving.

Through these ups and downs of the past few months, though, it’s easy for me to lose sight of all that I do have.  Sometimes it’s easier to sit and sulk about what I don’t have, starting with a million dollars and ending with a better nail file (seriously, am I destined to always purchase crappy nail files??)  I think that’s the whole “American Dream” curse, where I look at all the things others around me have, and forget to be thankful what I do have.  Am I rich, and debt free, and working my dream job, and married to Kris Letang, and the mother of 12 Asian babies?  No, I’m not.  And sometimes it’s easy to look at that and say, enough, my life sucks, and give up. But that’s not fair.  It’s not right.  And today, of all days, it’s not something I want to do.

Instead, I sit here tonight thankful for all I do have.  I could make a list, but I’m sure you’ve heard most of it, friends, family, health, etc.  I’m thankful I have the chance to voice my thankfulness in a blog that so many of you, for reasons unknown to me, still want to read.  I’m thankful that tomorrow I will spend Thanksgiving Day with some of my family and friends who are as near and dear to me as family.  I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to give thanks.

This blog has been about me growing, about me learning more about myself.  Over these past 5 months, I have learned a lot about myself.  I’ve learned I like to be crazy, and sometimes I blurt out the first thing that comes to my mind.  I’ve learned I’m stronger than I give myself credit for, and am bound and determined to meet goals that I set for myself.  I’ve learned to let my hair down, kick off my shoes, relax, and simply be me.

One of my favorite Bible verses that I had to memorize when I was young is Psalm 107:1 — Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever. (How many of you are signing that song right now?  Giiiiiiive thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks, give thaaaaaaaaaaanks)  Today I give thanks not only to Him, but to the blessings He has bestowed upon me, the big ones I think about every day, down to the littlest of blessing I probably don’t even notice.  Maybe that nail file is simply a blessing in disguise.  Positive spin!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Blessings and safe travels for you and your families.  Take a minute this weekend, during the holiday madness, and think about the smallest blessing you have in your life.  Be thankful even for that!


The Test of Friendship


You know that saying “Blood is thicker than water,” meaning that when the chips are down, your family will always be the most important part of your life?  I used to think it was the weirdest saying (not to mention a little weird…why am I reducing my family to a pool of blood?), but sometimes, as I’ve grown older, I see the value in such an off-balance saying.

It’s been one of those weeks where friendships have been tested in my life, not always with positive results.  It’s frustrating when you feel like you’ve poured time and energy and support into a relationship only to see it sink over a stupid argument,  Life moves on, and I realize I’ll move on with it, with one fewer friendship and a few extra hours into my schedule.  It still comes as a slap in the face, though, especially when it was unexpected.

Friends, what do you do in these situations?  When you’re at odds with a friend, whether a BFF or a fringe friend from college you occasionally see at weddings, what do you do when you don’t agree?  Do you let things work themselves out naturally?  Do you confront the problem head on, and hash it out through the arguing that’s bound to happen?  Do you move on, or force yourself to eat a piece of humble pie in the name of friendship?

Oh well.  If it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be.

In happier news, only 72 hours until I take my mom to her first Bruce Springsteen concert ever!  I know, for those of you who know my mom it’s crazy that’s she’s never been to a Bruce concert before.  So I’m excited to finally be crossing this off both of our bucket lists on Saturday.  About flippin’ time!

Time to work on my bakery.  Oy.  Logging that overtime now so I have extra $$$ to spend on my bakery.  Haha, I wish I cared about Initech more, really I do.  But I don’t.

Happy second half of the week!


People Let Me Tell You Bout My Best Friends


(Click the YouTube video.  You need some background music).

So one of my closest college friends is coming out this weekend, and I’m supa excited!  You know those friends you have who know all your deepest darkest secrets and still love you anyway?  For example:

 They know you don’t like snakes.

They know you once stole grapes from Giant Eagle (true story).

 They know you once tricked a kid in second grade into eating a crayon because you were bored.

 They know you read People magazine in the long lines at the supermarket and then put it back without buying it.

They know you steal extra mints from Chik-fil-A because they’re little drops of heaven and the Chik-fil-A workers are so nice they can’t say no to your over-demanding minty needs.

I have several friends like that, all of whom I love dearly, but Ashleigh is the only one who lives far away from me now.  Boo.

She’s coming into town for our friend’s bridal shower, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I haven’t seen her in over a year.  So we’ll spend the weekend with friends catching up, watching old reruns of Friends as we chow down on awful junk food neither of our butts need.  Open invite, if you want to hang out Friday-Monday just let me know.  We gonna be chillin’ like villians.  Oh yeah, and planning her wedding.

And you know what the best part is?  No Initech for 4 straight days!!!

I’m so happy I have so many best friends in my life.  🙂  Happy thoughts to all of you.