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Next Week: H is for Hiking Adventures


Ugh….fooooooood baby.

My family just left from a weekend in Pittsburgh.  I love my family, but whenever they come out I always eat WAY too much.  Oh boy, do I need to go walk this off.  Ever wish you could just unzip your skin, remove all the food in your stomach, and zip it back up?  Maybe that’s just my weird dream.  Haha.

Anyway, on to next week, and a brand new adventure to encounter.  I’ve decided next week, H is for Hiking Adventures, is the perfect opportunity for me to go out, and see the fall foliage before the dreaded snow sets in and ruins everything (in case you can’t tell, I’m not a winter person).  So I’m going to hop in my car, roll down the windows, blast some “Autumn-themed music” (does such a thing exist?  If so, what would you recommend I add to my Autumn-themed music playlist??), and head up the PA Turnpike to Buttermilk Falls.

I discovered Buttermilk Falls in college, because it’s right down the highway from my school.  It’s kind of a diamond-in-the-ruff place, tucked away in a less-than-savory area of Beaver County, right off the highway behind the Adult Mart.  No, I’m not making this up.  You could pass it a thousand times without realizing what’s behind that wooden fence and small gravel lot, but the beauty that you see there is absolutely breath-taking.

So next week is all about me, my camera, a good paid of sneakers, and a hike up to the falls.  Maybe I’ll play the role of “Hipster Young Adult” and find some Tom shoes, a North Face jacket, and some Obama swag.  I’ll blast Mumford and Sons, chew on some organic vegan granola, and bring my used guitar just in case the creative juices start flowing.  Ahhhh, Young Adult Hipster may be my Halloween costume this year!!  Yes!

Ok, I’m out to walk off this food baby.  I’ll be back sometime this week with some more updates!

Have a wonderful week,