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H is for Hiking Adventures


What a weekend it’s been!!!  Sandy’s coming, the Steelers are winning, and there’s a Friends marathon on television!  Can life get any better?

First thing’s first: officially survived my first Bruce Springsteen concert last night!

Consol Energy Center, Pittsburgh PA 10-27-12

Cannot believe it took me so long to finally see the man in concert, but it was worth it.  Even though we were stuck towards the back (I’m not shelling out $250 a seat, even for the Boss) this place was rocking.  It was funny, because at 26 years old I was definitely on the younger end of the age spectrum, completely the opposite from, say a Justin Bieber concert.  Most of my concert mates were well into their forties and beyond, and you could tell they have been Bruce fans FOREVER.  Maybe I’m just an old soul, or maybe it was being raised by a New Jersey mother, but he’s always been one of my favorites.  And man can he rock!  3+ hours, non stop singing, crowd surfing, and completed rocking out.  The man’s in his 60s and he was tiring me out.  I can’t believe it!  I’m still in complete awe of what I witnessed last night.  That will definitely not be my last Bruce concert.

On a sad side note, being in CEC made me realize just how much I miss hockey.  All around me there were banners flying from the rafters, and I had a clear view of the beautiful 2009 Stanley Cup Champions banner from my seat.  NHL OWNERS AND PLAYERS, PLEASE STOP YOUR FIGHTING AND BRING HOCKEY BACK!!!  I MISS MY BOYS, AND THE STEELERS WILL NEVER BE AN ACCEPTABLE SUBSTITUTE FOR HOCKEY GAMES!!!!  It was the worst part of being back in CEC in over a year.  😦

But enough about the epic concert I went to last night, from the title of this post you are not here to hear about the wonders that are Bruce Springsteen (although, if you are, I’m willing to talk about the man all you want!!)  You’re here because this afternoon I went on my latest Alphabet Adventure: H is for Hiking Adventures!

Even though Sandy is coming to destroy us and all we have built, my brother Matt and I decided to hike up to the falls anyway, because it wasn’t raining yet (and the rain managed to hold off until we were done.)  It’s great we went, because we managed to get some amazing shots of the falls.

Since the weather was so bad (when you see 30 utility trucks driving down the PA Turnpike, you know some government official is taking this weather thing seriously), we were all alone to hike up the trail by ourselves.  What’s so funny about this place is, as I previously mentioned, it’s kind of in the middle of a whole bunch of conjunction in Beaver County.  It’s right off a highway, behind an Adult Bookstore, in front of a church, under a railroad track, next to a haunted motel, beside the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  (Look at all of those prepositions!!!)  It’s a diamond in the ruff in a less than savory part of town, and maybe that’s why I love it so much.  I love finding those hidden gems of beauty that the rest of the world seemingly overlooked and abandoned.

The water level was super low today, probably because we haven’t had a lot of rain recently (oh Sandy, you’re gonna be changing all that soon!!!) so Matt and I were able to walk right up to the falls.    It’s kind of a neat experience, because when the water level is low you can walk behind the falls and see life from behind the water, deep in the heart of an old quarry cave.  I love Pennsylvania because old mines and quarry fields help to add to the rustic beauty you sometimes find in places like this.

Afterwards we climbed up the falls to the top, where you can stand in the water right on the edge of the falls and look down to the water below.  It’s such a breathtaking sight to stand at the edge of a waterfall, look down, and notfall.  (It’s also very intimidating when you think you’re about to drop your phone 40 feet into the waters below.  Talk about a major heart attack at the edge of a cliff!!)

The edge of the falls

How can you stand in a spot like that, surrounded by such beauty, and hate anything about life??  What a calming and beautiful place!!

Afterwards, we climbed up to the old railroad bridge above the falls and started walking along the tracks to the abandoned hotel on the other side of the tracks.  Yes, I’m not making this up, 3 days before Halloween and we decide to go check out a sketchy haunted hotel.  It seriously looked like a fake movie set, and I was waiting for some chainsaw slashing maniac to come tearing out of the abandoned doorway and chase us down the railroad track until we fell off the bridge, careened over the falls, and met our cold and slippery death.  But, maybe that’s because I’ve been told I have a vivid imagination.  Or something like that 🙂

For real, though, the place was sketchy beyond belief.  If Matt hadn’t sworn he had been there before without dying, I’m not sure I would have ventured over to it.  But I guess I trust my brother more than a sane person should, because I had no problem diligently following him over the tracks and exploring the haunted hotel for awhile.  I guess my curiosity got the better of me.

This weekend’s been pretty epic, but I’m so happy I was able to head to Buttermilk Falls today with my brother.

The haunted hotel…BOO!

It was a great moment to  relax, explore, and just have a fun Sunday off.  And, bonus, as we headed back to the car the rain finally showed up.  Oh Sandy, I know you’re coming, but thank you for letting us hike in peace before the rains opened up.  Now let’s hope I have enough tuna in my cabinets to outlast any potential power outages.  Tuna, peanut butter, and lots of bananas!

Speaking of food, Halloween cupcakes are in the oven right now.  I’ll be putting some pictures up on my baking website soon, and you can click here to stop by and see them.  They will be frightfully SPOOK-tacular, and amazingly yummy!!  I can’t wait to decorate!!

See you soon for my next adventure!!!




The Test of Friendship


You know that saying “Blood is thicker than water,” meaning that when the chips are down, your family will always be the most important part of your life?  I used to think it was the weirdest saying (not to mention a little weird…why am I reducing my family to a pool of blood?), but sometimes, as I’ve grown older, I see the value in such an off-balance saying.

It’s been one of those weeks where friendships have been tested in my life, not always with positive results.  It’s frustrating when you feel like you’ve poured time and energy and support into a relationship only to see it sink over a stupid argument,  Life moves on, and I realize I’ll move on with it, with one fewer friendship and a few extra hours into my schedule.  It still comes as a slap in the face, though, especially when it was unexpected.

Friends, what do you do in these situations?  When you’re at odds with a friend, whether a BFF or a fringe friend from college you occasionally see at weddings, what do you do when you don’t agree?  Do you let things work themselves out naturally?  Do you confront the problem head on, and hash it out through the arguing that’s bound to happen?  Do you move on, or force yourself to eat a piece of humble pie in the name of friendship?

Oh well.  If it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be.

In happier news, only 72 hours until I take my mom to her first Bruce Springsteen concert ever!  I know, for those of you who know my mom it’s crazy that’s she’s never been to a Bruce concert before.  So I’m excited to finally be crossing this off both of our bucket lists on Saturday.  About flippin’ time!

Time to work on my bakery.  Oy.  Logging that overtime now so I have extra $$$ to spend on my bakery.  Haha, I wish I cared about Initech more, really I do.  But I don’t.

Happy second half of the week!