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Best Week Ever?


Let’s be honest, a lot of times I use this blog to vent about things.  My frustrations at Initech, problems with friends, lack of a boyfriend.  You, my faithful readers, bless your heart, have stuck with me through thick and thin, why I’ll never understand.  But my blog averages 10 hits a day, which means someone, somewhere, finds these ramblings entertaining.

For once, though, I’m not here to ramble and complain about my life…I know, happy dance!  For once, I am here to celebrate this week, and name it the Best Week Ever!!!*

I think it’s the best week ever because it was so unexpected.  Vacation weeks, and birthday weeks, they’re amazing weeks, but you know they’re coming, so the excitement level is already ratcheted to HIGH ALERT before the week even kicks off.  No, I think the best weeks are the weeks where you don’t expect anything to happen, and then a million things do.

To start my week off, I won a $100 Ikea gift card in a monthly sweepstakes.  For those of you who have never met me, or know very little about me, Ikea is my mecca.  I love that store maybe more than life itself.  All of my bedroom, living room, dinning room, and kitchen ware have been purchased at that store.  I love the style, the functionality, and the additional storage space all of their pieces provide.  I love (ok, hate) the wordless instructions that accompany every purchase, and the swearing, broken nails, sweat, and exhaustion that accompanies each box.  I love that they sell Swedish meatballs, that they have ice cream for $1, and you can have free coffee any time you want with your Ikea family card.  If I could get married in Ikea, I would (and, let’s be honest, I will probably try).  Simply put, I. Love. Ikea.

And they offered me a $100 gift card.  Me!!  ME!!!!  I’ve already spent it, fyi, at least in my head.  I know exactly what I’m getting, to replace my old Ikea furniture.  If anyone wants a fu-chair let me know, a very reasonable asking price has been sent (Fu-chair…??  Don’t worry, most people don’t know.  It’s a chair that unfolds into a single bed.  Great for dorms.  I’ve had ppl sleep on it all with surprisingly positive reviews.  It’s an amazing investment).

So that was the first good thing that happened to me.  The next was an unexpected surprise that was thoughtful all the same.  As many of you know, I’m taking decorating classes right now, trying to become a better pastry decorator.  I have to practice, though, which means finding reasons to bake people cakes.  I have a co-worker who has a daughter with a birthday party this weekend.  I made her a deal–I’ll bake her cake for free, no strings attached.  You’d have to be an idiot to not accept, and she’s not an idiot, so she said yes.  One princess cake coming up!  Today, though, she came in with a Visa gift card for me, since I offered to make the cake for her daughter.  It’s nice to know that there is still some unexpected kindness in the human race.  I was completely fine with making this cake for free, since I need the practice it will provide, and out of no where I’m rewarded with a wonderful new gift card.  That’s two in 24 hours.  I am striking it big this week!

My final surprise this week came from Macy’s.  Who doesn’t love that store??  Apparently they’re having a huge sale this weekend, and guess what they’ve marked down to their lowest prices of the year??  Kitchen Aide mixers.  Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah!!  Again, I love baking, but I’ve never been able to afford a Kitchen Aide.  The Rolls Royce of mixers.  I’ve been saving, though, and have several bazillion gift cards lying around my house (sense a theme here??).  So this weekend, I’m taking myself down to McKnight road and buying myself a Kitchen Aide mixer!

I love weeks like this.  Even a stressful day at Initech can’t bring me down!  I have new gift cards to shop with, a cake baking in the oven that’s Barbie pink, a new mixer on the way, and Friday off.  Life’s looking up for ole Lis here!!

I hope you’re having as fabulous of a week as I am!  For real.  And if not, let’s hang out, and I’ll brighten your mood.

See you soon!


*Within the past 26 week cycle.  Excludes birthday celebrations.


Build Lis a Bakery


Last bakery post on here, I promise…

I’ve moved all my baking hopes and dreams to a new blog, and I hope you’ll hop on over there after you’re done reading this.  I’m hoping to keep people up to date on my baking business as we start out together!

You can click here to find my new blog. Or just go to http://www.buildlisabakery.blogspot.com.

See you there soon!  And see you back here even sooner!!