Hi, I’m Lis!

I am in my mid-twenties with enough student loans to buy a small BMW.  Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of well-paying jobs out there for history majors who do not have the funds to attend graduate school.  Go figure.  I live in Pittsburgh, one of the best cities in the world.  I am a writer at heart, and love to tell stories.  I also love adventures.  This blog rolls all my loves into one easy-to-format computer screen.

my.alphabet.year was started because, at the ripe old age of 25 I felt like I was going NO WHERE with my life.  Ever have one of those moments where you ask yourself “What am I doing with my life?”  That’s every day for me.  It reached a point where I needed to do something, any thing, to make sure I wasn’t wasting away years of my life doing the same old boring duties day in and day out.

So my.alphabet.year was born, a 52 week exploration into myself, my life, and the crazy things that make me who I am.  It’s a quest to discover new things about me, to make memories and explore new things, to spend time with the ones I love.  It’s a quest to uncover the real me.

You, as the reader, are encouraged to do more than just “read” this blog.  Like, comment, share.  Join me on an adventure.  I’ll need lots of support along the way, so any sideline cheerleading you would like to perform would be much appreciated.  Any recent lottery winners are encouraged to donate to my fund.

As always, thanks for being such wonderful readers!



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