P is for Pamper Party


Man, how is my vacation over again?!  Do I REALLY have to return to Initech again tomorrow?  Blah!

So I’m back from my internet hiatus, back from New Jersey, and back from my vacation.  I headed home for an extended weekend, and left my computer and cell phone charger at home.  The computer was left at home on purpose…the charger, not so much.  But I unplugged for a few days, and it was a wonderful and relaxing few days.

During my break from Initech, though, I managed to head to a day spa for some R&R.  I headed out with my old college roommate for a manicure, pedicure, and massage.  She found an unreal Living Social deal and we decided to splurge and indulge in a little pampering.  Everyone deserves a treat every once in awhile!

Here’s a fun fact about me: before this week, I had never had a manicure, pedicure, OR massage.  Crazy, right?  Not really when you know me.  I’m not a “pampering” kind of person.  I don’t dress up a lot, and there’s never been a moment where I’ve thought, “Man, if only my nails were professionally done right now.”  That’s just not who I am.

I’ll admit, though, I was excited to try all of these things, and all at one stop.  The manicure and pedicure were definitely a fun experience, especially the always stressful decision of picking your nail color.  Wild, safe, unnatural, natural?  In the end I feel my color choices reflect who I am…a natural pale pink on my fingers, that go with anything and is considered a “safe” choice.  A bright purple on my toes, that shows my wild side, but only if I’m willing to show you my feet 🙂

head_massageThe massage…wow, the massage.  First off, I hear a lot of people tell me how the first time they went for a massage they were nervous to have someone else touch them when they had little to no clothing on.  Maybe I’m crazy, but I had no problem with that.  I’m not Girls Gone Wild crazy, but I’m comfortable enough with myself and my body to care less if someone else gives me a massage.  And I LOVED every second of it.  I had this moment mid-massage where I was afraid I was going to fall asleep, and my only concern was to not fall asleep and start snoring.  How awkward would that be?  I would be the one who totally did that too. 🙂  So I laid there and thought over and over again, “Don’t fall asleep…don’t fall asleep…don’t fall asleep.”  It worked.  No naps, no snoring, no awkward half-naked moments.  A successful massage!

Now that I’m relaxed, though, it’s time to head back to work for another long work week.  I am loving all these days off, but it makes me want to return to work even less once my vacation is over.  Anyone want to donate to my retirement fund?  I bake cupcakes 🙂

Have a wonderful week.  Go get a massage.  Embrace your inner wild-child, strip down, and relax!!  It’s such a wonderful feeling.

See you soon,



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