Next Week: X is for eXact Change


Word to the wise: remember to take your eye makeup off before crawling into bed.  No matter how tired you are, you will regret it in the morning when your pillowcase looks like a shoe shiner’s rag, and your eyes are red and watery.

I’m back!!  A fantastic weekend is in the books (almost), and Turkey Day is quickly approaching.  I feel the retail Christmas pull a little more this year…there’s this huge urge to get my Christmas decorations out RIGHT NOW and set everything up.  Patience, young grasshopper, the holiday season will soon be upon us.  For now, I will merely enjoy the sparse Thanksgiving decorations I have up, until it’s time to bust out my themed Christmas decorations.

I’m excited about next week’s adventure, because it involves careful planning, traveling, and a general exploring, three things I love.  Since my launch of this website, a lot of people have asked me about X is for eXact Change, mainly because they have no idea what it meant.  I haven’t told too many people, because I wanted to keep it a surprise, so now that the moment’s finally here, I want to shout it from the rooftop: NEXT WEEK I’M GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!!

So I got the idea for X is for eXact Change from all of those Food Network shows, $40 a Day, and stuff like that.  If you’re not a Food Network fan, the premise of these shows is simple: a host is dropped into a city, given a set amount of money ($25, $40, etc.) and must eat 3 meals in one day for that amount of money.  Sounds pretty easy until you remember how expensive eating out is…plus you have to factor in tipping, and all that fun stuff.  It’s actually a bit more challenging than one might think.

I decided I wanted to try it, though, but I wanted to put a twist on it: I want to see just how much I can do in downtown Pittsburgh for $20.  And I want to see how close I can get to spending all of it in one setting.  Am I helping the economy or what?!?!

Next week, then I’ll be heading down to the Strip District for a fun afternoon.  For those of you out-of-towners, the Pittsburgh Strip District is NOT the Red Light District, a common mistake. 😛  It’s more like a cultural district, not in the sense that the theater and opera are there (there’s an ACTUAL Cultural District where those are located), but because there are a million different mom and pop stores that you can shop in for real, homemade, fresh foods.  Homemade pierogies in the Polish deli; hand rolled pasta in the Italian market; rice in bags as big as me in the Asian market; homemade tamales at the Mexican store and restaurant.

On top of that, there are all kinds of great places to eat, such as a Vietnamese restaurant, a chocolate store (yes, those things do exist!), an Italian bar that loves dem Stillers, and a fanciful 1950s diner.  There’s also a Pittsburgh Sports appearal store, a used bookstore, some art shops, one of those “fell off the back of the China truck” stores where you can get Nike and Apple knockoffs for $20, and more.  It’s such a cultural melting pot, and such a fun place to visit.

So visit I will.  With $20.  The first test will be to try to snag some of the available but limited free parking…fingers crossed!!  And then we’ll take my money, and see just how much I can buy with it.  Should be a fabulous time.

If you’d like to join me on an adventure down to the Strip District, let me know.  If not, stop back next week to see exactly how well I did with my spending!

See you soon!!




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